Terms and Conditions

Special attention should be paid when completing the measurement form as it is essential that the measurements given are accurate to ensure a suit which not only looks impressive but allows comfortable freedom of movement.

In the unlikely event that your garments are supplied incorrectly all alterations will be carried out free of charge.

100% pure linen is highly prone to creasing. Therefore we supply three distinctive middleweight suits in London Linen, a linen/polyester mix, and SummerKnit, the latter being a man-made fibre mix which is just as smart and hardwearing as 100% linen and even more crease resistant.

Linen suits come with silk lining; SummerKnit suits are lined with a good-looking viscose rayon fabric. You may also order linen and linen-style jackets and trousers.

Orders are accepted on receipt of the Order Form together with the full payment of the total costs. On average garment(s) are ready for delivery to you within 28 days of the order being received. If you require your garment(s) before 28 days please contact us on 07540 322783

When the suit has been made, the client will be informed by phone or e-mail. The suit will be dispatched by first class mail. Ordered suits which are not claimed in this way are held for two months after which both suit and payment are forfeited.

For all enquiries or to place a telephone order please contact us on:

07540 322783